Warranty conditions

Please read the General Rules for Complaints, Selling and Buying Products and Taking Care of Products carefully.
General warranty conditions:
This guarantee certificate guarantees all the rights granted by the current legislation (Law of the Republic of Moldova No. 105-XV of 13.03.2003 "On Protection of Consumer Rights").

Keep a copy of the sales receipt or other proof of your purchase, including the warranty for further complaints that can be addressed to our store, during the warranty period.

The warranty period is 30 days from the date of purchase of the product. Consumer complaints submitted within 30 days can only be satisfied if the product has a latent defect (manufacturing defect).

During the warranty period, consumers submit complaints about non-conforming goods to the seller. According to the Law of the Republic of Moldova No. 105-XV of 13.03.2003 “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, within 14 calendar days it is possible to replace the product with a similar product or return the money spent if the product has not been used, has not lost its consumer qualities and, if there is evidence that it was purchased from the seller.

The deadline for handling complaints is 14 days from the date the complaint was filed.

ATTENTION!!! Do not cut the inner product label! The absence of this label will automatically void the warranty!

Non-compliance existing at the time of purchase of the product before the expiration of 30 days from the date of sale of the product to the purchaser.
The declared product must be dry, clean and free of stains.
The seller is not responsible for non-conformity of the product if the buyer was aware of this non-conformity or, according to reasonable estimates, should have known. The buyer loses the right to file a complaint if, before the expiration of 30 days from the discovery of the non-conformity, he does not notify the seller.
If the product does not meet the requirements, the buyer may require that it be restored to proper condition by repairing free of charge or replacing the purchased product with a new one, except in cases where repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs. In this case, the buyer has the right to request a refund of the product price.
In court cases, the consumer can contact the Consumer Protection Service.

• natural wear and tear of goods;
• mechanical damage;
• crushing, scratches;
• incompatibility in terms of size and width;
• the convenience of use;
• damage caused by lack of proper care or inappropriate use;
• wear of rubber materials and their elasticity;
• mechanical damage to lightning;
• self-repair;
• damage caused by washing.
For a reliable guarantee, follow the instructions below.
Shoe care guide

Dear customer!

When choosing and using sports shoes, you need to remember a few rules:

1.When buying shoes a lot of attention should be paid to the selection of required size taking into account the characteristics of the foot. When fitting shoes should not cause you any inconvenience, the foot must not be compressed. In the case of non-compliance of the shoe and your foot size may be a number of problems - wrinkled shape of the product, divergent sutures, skin breaks, etc.

2. When using the shoe, consider seasonality and its purpose.
Remember that leather shoes are not designed for wear in damp, rainy weather, as it is not waterproof (such as rubber).
Running shoes cause discomfort during daily wear, and fashion models, urban style shoe cannot play sports.
More information can be found at the store consultants.

In order for the shoes you have chosen to serve for a long time, the following general rules must be taken into account:

- Daily clean shoes from dirt and dust with a soft damp cloth or brush, then wipe dry;

- It is forbidden to wash shoes in water;

- After cleaning, apply a thin layer of shoe polish to the upper of the shoe to freshen up the color, give it a shine and protect it from the environment. After 3-5 minutes, polish it with a hairbrush or woolen rag;

- Avoid excessive mechanical stress, impacts, cuts, which, as a rule, lead to tearing of the skin, soles, fittings;

- Do not take off your shoes when stepping on the heel counter. When shoeing, use a special shoe horn, then the seam on the heel will not part and the product will not lose its original appearance;

- It should be borne in mind that with increased sweating of the feet or when wet, the shoes can stain from the inside;

-Shoes must be dried at room temperature. To maintain shape, it is recommended to stuff the shoes with paper or use special spacers. It is strictly forbidden to accelerate the drying process with radiators, hair dryers, fire or other heat sources.

When buying shoes made of genuine leather and suede (nubuck leather), strictly follow the recommendations for cleaning and care:

1. Painted Skin:

- Wash with a special sponge or soft cloth and soap.

- After drying, be sure to treat with shoe polish.

- Do not machine wash your shoes.

- Do not use bleach.

2. Nubuck leather and suede:

- Gently remove dry dirt with a special suede brush.

- Do not wash - stains will remain.

- Remove oil stains with a special stain remover for suede and nubuck leather.

- Suede shoes must be treated with a moisture-repellent agent once a month.

Rules for using shoes:

Avoid excessive wetness and excessive perspiration of your shoes, as this will affect their appearance and performance. Even properly used shoes can be wet when it rains or when snow melts. Excessive wetting of the shoe is considered its deformation on the part of the buyer. If the shoes are very wet, dry them at room temperature, away from heat sources.
If the shoe is unlined or dyed, discoloration spots may appear.
Replacing laces and caring for the inside of the shoe is the responsibility of the buyer and the shoe must be used as intended.

Garment Care Guide (including bags)

If necessary, the product should be washed or cleaned according to the instructions on the inner label. Use only high quality detergents for the safe use of these products. Do not use industrial cleaning agents (soda or other chemical derivatives) for washing / cleaning, which can cause permanent damage to the product. Do not wash clothes at temperatures higher than those indicated on the inner label. Do not dry the product under the influence of heat sources (electric radiators, stove, etc.). Drying should always be done at room temperature. Protect your product from items that could cause damage in the form of scratches, burns, punctures, or any physical damage.

The warranty becomes invalid and our company is not responsible for any defects that may arise during cleaning / washing, inconsistent with the instructions on the inner label, storage in a damp place, damage, discoloration due to sunlight or other strong sources heat generation, repairs or changes made by persons not authorized for this, use in improper conditions, and other conditions for which this product is not intended.

The bags are for accessories only and cannot be used as luggage / travel bags. The maximum weight allowed is 3 kg.

Take good care of your shoes and they will serve you for a long time!

Decoding of symbols (signs) used on tags, labels, clothing labels.


The product can be washed

Gentle wash. Precisely withstand the temperature of the water, do not subject to strong mechanical processing, when spinning - a slow centrifuge mode

Delicate wash. Large amount of water, minimal processing, quick rinsing

Hand wash only. Do not rub, do not wring

The product cannot be washed, should be dry cleaned

Wash in cool water no higher than 300C with neutral detergents

Washing of products with neutral detergents in warm water not exceeding 400C

Wash in hot water at a temperature not exceeding 600C

Boiling laundry

Drying and spinning:

The product can be dried.

Do not dry (used together with "Do not wash").

Can be wrung out and tumble-dried in a washing machine or in an electric tumble dryer.

Do not wring or dry in a washing machine or electric dryer.

Do not twist.

Dry at low temperature.

Dry at medium temperature.

Dry at high temperature.

Gentle spinning and drying.

Delicate spinning and drying.

Vertical drying (on a rope).

Dry without spinning.

Dry on a horizontal surface.

Dry in the shade.

Whitening and dry cleaning:

Dry cleaning (dry cleaning).

Do not dry clean.

Dry cleaning with any solvent.

Cleaning with common reagents. For example, perchlorethylene, bicarbonate or gasoline (except trichlorethylene).

The line under the circle with the letter indicates the need for gentle cleaning.

Cleaning based on special solvents (e.g. white spirit).

Gentle cleaning based on special solvents.

Can be bleached.

Do not bleach, do not use chlorine detergents and washing powders with bleaches.

Can be bleached with chlorine.

Bleach only without chlorine.


Can be ironed.

Do not iron.

Iron at high temperature (up to 200 0C).

Iron at medium temperature (up to 150 ° C).

Iron at low temperature (up to 110 ° C).

Do not steam.

In case of complaints directly related to the moment of purchase and sale of goods, you can contact the Agency for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Market Surveillance at the following coordinates:
Chisinau, st. Vasile Alexandri 78, MD-2012.
tel.: (022) 741464
hotline: 080028028

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