DryCELL technology - it is a basic component of any Puma clothes, which is designed for sport or long walks. Material removes excess moisture from the body and allows you to keep dry and fresh throughout the workout or walk.


EVA - it is a lightweight and cushioned midsole weighing an average of 300g. The shoe sole is made of ethylene vinyl acetate. It is a lighter and more flexible material than the simple shoe sole.


duraBase - technology is used in backpacks and bags. Due duraBase technology, which is used at the bottom of the product protects against mechanical damage and keeps the contents dry and thereby increases service life and protects the contents


IGNITE - midsole for footwear, which is made of polyurethane. The technology appeared in 2015. The main advantage is the maximum energy return (67% energy return, and EVA foam - 50%), flexibility and excellent cushioning, guaranteeing comfort while running. Can be used as the sole material of the sole, or as one of the damping elements in a complex multi-component embodiments, in combination with EVA and other materials.


SoftFoam + - especially soft foam insole for shoes (memory effect), which takes the form of the foot, thereby providing individual comfort. The insole is suitable for both sports and long walks. This technology is used to create a comfortable PUMA sports shoes, as well as tech running shoes.

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) - the world's largest non-profit organization, whose activities are aimed at creating a more sustainable future for cotton production. To accomplish this mission, BCI licensed farmers are specially training to use of more environmentally friendly, more social and economically sustainable production methods. This means more efficient use of water, reducing the use of chemicals and less damage from pesticides and also improving living conditions and improving the economic situation of cotton producers.


NITRO FOAM - lightweight premium foam outsole for superior responsiveness and cushioning. The technology is used in running shoes for any running distance. NITRO FOAM is 50% lighter than EVA foam.


Treated fabric with special substances to protect it from moisture. Water repellent coating, prevents moisture from getting into the product. On the surface of the material, water collects in droplets and rolls off the surface of the fabric. Water Repellent technology is used in tracksuits, jackets, windbreakers and other Puma outerwear.


A special lining which retains and distributes heat evenly throughout the body. WarmCELL technology is used in jackets, vests and other Puma products. In winter, it is very important not to forget about other warming accessories, such as hats, scarves and gloves.


A special material which protects the body from the wind and minimizes heat loss during training in the cold season. WindCELL technology is used in tracksuits, jackets, windbreakers and other Puma outerwear. This technology also applies to the BMW Motorsport collection.

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