How to clean your shoes

How to Clean Pumas shoes

It’s easy to keep your Pumas looking their best with regular cleaning! Suede and nubuck Pumas need to be cleaned very carefully with baby wipes and a suede brush to protect the material. All other types of Pumas like leather, nylon, canvas, and synthetic leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Regardless of the type you have, keep your Pumas maintained and looking their best by wiping off fresh dirt, cleaning the footbeds, and avoiding extreme heat sources.

Method 1 Cleaning Suede and Nubuck Pumas


     1) The best choice for cleaning suede shoes is Puma Shoe Care Suede Cleaner. Before use, perform a paint fastness test, shake the bottle, apply a small amount of the product on a clean cloth, rub the composition in a circular motion using a brush, smooth the bristles in both directions with a soft brush. For best results, treat shoes with Puma Rain & Stain Repellent.

     2) Wipe away dirt, mud, and dust with a dry cloth. Get a dry cleaning cloth and gently wipe it over the uppers of your shoes, paying close attention to any detailing or crevices. Swap the cloth for a new one if it gets too dirty.

Be very careful to not rub your suede or nubuck Pumas harshly, as this can damage the material.

     3) Remove stubborn dirt or debris with unscented baby wipes. Baby wipes are great for removing more difficult marks on the uppers of suede or nubuck Pumas. Simply take a fresh baby wipe and gently wipe away any dry dirt, mud, or dust that can’t be removed with a dry cloth.

Unscented baby wipes are very gentle, which makes them suitable for more delicate materials such as suede or nubuck.

     4) Use a damp cloth to remove any water stains on the uppers. Water stains are an annoying part of owning suede or nubuck Pumas! Get a cleaning cloth and dampen it very lightly with warm water. Dab the cloth on the water stain and brush downwards, using very gentle motions. Then let your Pumas air-dry fully before using a suede brush or wearing them.

Always use only the smallest amount of moisture on the cloth, as too much could cause another water stain. Don’t use any soap or cleaning agents, as these can damage the suede or nubuck.

     5) Use a suede brush to push the fibers in the right direction. Brush along the uppers of your shoes using a suede brush. Make sure that you brush in the direction of the suede to make your Pumas look their best!

Suede brushes are also ideal for removing dust and light, dry dirt if you don’t want to use unscented baby wipes. Suede brushes can be purchased from footwear and clothing stores. Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush instead of a suede brush.


Method 2 Cleaning Leather, Nylon, Canvas, and Synthetic Leather Pumas


     1) The best choice for cleaning shoes is Puma Shoe Care Athletic Cleaner. Before use, perform a paint fastness test, shake the bottle, apply a small amount of the product on a clean cloth, rub the composition in a circular motion  For best results, treat shoes with Puma Rain & Stain Repellent.

Treat suede shoes completely, not just the soiled area.

     1) Get a cleaning cloth and a mild soap to clean your Pumas. Your shoes don’t require any special cleaning products to keep them looking good! Find a cleaning cloth such as a small, microfiber towel or a cotton rag. Pick a mild soap such as dish detergent or gentle shampoo.

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents like bleach to clean your Pumas, as these can cause damage.

     2) Scrub the uppers of your Pumas with the damped cloth and mild soap. Pour a tiny dollop of the mild soap onto the cleaning cloth and dampen it lightly with cold water. Clean your shoes using a circular motion to gently scrub the dirt away. As you continue, rinse the cloth and wring it out when it becomes dirty.

Don’t use anything other than a soft cloth to clean your Pumas, as other materials may cause scratches. The cloth only needs to be damp, not saturated. If your shoes get saturated they will take a long time to dry.

     3) Let your shoes air-dry before you wear them. Once your Pumas are clean, place them in a well-ventilated spot out of the sun. Squeeze your shoes gently in a few different spots to check that the inside and outside of the shoes are completely dry before you put them on.

Avoid drying your shoes in the direct sunlight, as the extreme heat can cause the materials to break down.


Method 3 Washing the Laces, Soles, and Footbeds

     1) Take the laces out and wash them with water and mild soap. Remove the laces from your Pumas by undoing any knots and unthreading the laces through the eyelets. Dip a cleaning cloth in a mixture of cold water and soap, and use the cloth to gently scrub the laces, removing any dirt or grime. Let the laces dry completely in a well-ventilated area before you place them back on your Pumas.

It’s okay if the laces get saturated, as they won’t be damaged. It will just take them longer to dry.

     2) Clean the footbeds with a cloth and mild soap if they begin to smell. Remove the footbed from inside each shoe. Dampen a cleaning cloth with cold water and a drop of mild soap such as dish detergent. Scrub the footbeds gently with the cloth to lift up dirt and then leave them in a well-ventilated area to air-dry. Once the footbeds are dry, push each one back into the corresponding shoe and make sure that it rests flat against the sole.

The footbed is the part inside the shoe that your foot rests on. Simply pull it up and out of the shoe to remove it.

     3) Clean dirt off the soles with mild soap and a damp cloth. Get a cleaning cloth and dampen it very lightly with cold water. Add a tiny dollop of a mild soap like dish detergent or gentle hand soap. Lightly scrub the soles in a circular motion to remove any stuck dirt or mud.

Although it may be tempting, never hold your Pumas under running water to clean the soles. This can damage the other materials in the shoes.


Method 4 Using Best Practices

     1) Wipe away fresh dirt and mud immediately. It’s easiest to clean your Pumas when you are working with fresh dirt and mud, rather than dried debris. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away as much dirt as possible.

Once the dirt or mud is dry, it requires a bit more effort to remove. Cleaning your Pumas as they get dirty also saves you time in the long-run, as they won’t require intensive cleaning.

     2) Avoid submerging your Pumas in water. Don’t fully soak your Pumas, as the material may be damaged and the shoes may start to fall apart. Try to walk around deep puddles when it’s possible and don’t hold your Pumas underwater to clean them.

Similarly, don’t spray your Pumas with a hose.

     3) Refrain from putting your Pumas in the washing machine. Pumas look their best when they are hand-washed only. Machine washing cycles can damage the appearance and the structure of the shoes.

     4) Avoid drying your Pumas with heat. Always let your Pumas air-dry after cleaning or if they have gotten wet. The extreme heat of a blow-dryer can easily damage the shoes and it will lose their attractive appearance.

Don’t dry your Pumas in a clothes dryer. Stick to air-drying only. Also avoid placing your Pumas near other sources of extreme heat like fires, radiators, and heaters. It’s best to dry them in cool areas out of direct sunlight.


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