Why guess? There is a Gift Card!
A small card from Puma that makes even the biggest wishes come true

Why do I need Puma gift cards and how do they work?

A gift card is a very convenient universal gift, which is increasingly gaining the sympathy of our customers. It greatly simplifies the search for the giving person, now you don’t have to puzzle over what to choose; the choice of a gift is completely shifted to the shoulders of the person being presented.

A gift card is a prepayment made by the giver to the account of the store. The recipient of the card will be able to independently select a product from our catalog, if the desired product is more expensive, he will simply add the missing difference.

Benefits of gift cards from Puma.

For the giver:

  • Significant time savings.
  • No risk of making the wrong choice.
  • The opportunity to buy a gift in advance and not lose its relevance.
  • For businesses, this is a great way to motivate and increase employee loyalty.

For recipient:

  • Simplicity and convenience in use.
  • The opportunity to receive only the desired and desired gift.
  • The ability to transfer the card to someone else if desired.
  • Less chance of losing your money.
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